1. What is Dubrovnik EXPO?

Central event of intersectoral cooperation in the field of education. The EXPO is conceived as a unique event where higher education institutions, business people and high school graduates all meet.

2. When?

October 26. - 27., 2023.

3. Where?

At the Student Dormitory in Dubrovnik.

4. How much is the entrance fee?

The entrance is FREE for all EXPO visitors.

5. How many visitors are expected?

Over 3,000 high school graduates and young people are expected. Moreover, we are expecting numerous higher education institutions as well as many business representatives.

6. What is happening at the Dubrovnik EXPO?

In addition to the main area with the stands where higher education institutions and businesses are presented, panel discussions will be organised with current and interesting topics,EU Corner, Chill Zone, Official After parties and so much more.

7. Who is the organizer of the Dubrovnik EXPO?

EXPO is brought to you by the Youth Careers Centre Dubrovnik. Read more about us here.

8. Is Dubrovnik EXPO on social media?

YES! Find us on Instagram and Facebook. Search and use the official hashtag #DubrovnikEXPO for all posts related to EXPO!

9. What is an EXPOcard and how can I get it?

EXPOcard is a unique card that offers many discounts. Furthermore, during the EXPO, all EXPOcard owners will have plenty of benefits such as discounts on Official merchandise and free entrance to all parties. Get an EXPOcard!

10. Is there an age limit for visitors?

There is no age limit for visitors! Everyone is welcome at the Dubrovnik EXPO, regardless of age!

11. Can I come to Dubrovnik EXPO if I am not a graduate?

Of course! Everybody who wants to continue their formal or non-formal education, pursue a career, get acquainted with options and opportunities, find a job as well as have fun is invited to the EXPO!

12. What is the dresscode?

We recommend that you wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in!

13. Who can I get in touch with if I have additional questions?

Send us an E-mail at: info@dubrovnikexpo.hr.


1. I want to participate as an exhibitor!

You can contact us via the contact form or by E-mail at: marko.zmirak@ckmdubrovnik.hr

2. I want to participate as a businessman!

You can contact us via the contact form or by E-mail at: lora.buskovic@ckmdubrovnik.hr

3. We want to participate as a school!

You can contact us via the contact form or by E-mail at: emilio.butigan@ckmdubrovnik.hr